About Us

It’s always fascinating when someone predicts the future with such precision that you’d swear they were clairvoyant. But all too often, predictions miss the mark.

We have a short attention span, and there are so many people making predictions that we often forget the wrong predictions and remember only the ones that were right.

Called Shots is an attempt to catalogue predictions by pundits, politicians, researches, scientists, and anyone else who predicts the future. With that said, there are a few general ground rules for the predictions that get posted on our site:

  1. Must take place in a definite time period. Each prediction must come with a time period in which it will be shown to be true or false.
  2. Must be provable. Each prediction must be provably true or false. Predictions should be definite and bold.
  3. Must be notable. Lots of people make predictions, but some predictions are more notable than others. A famed scientist who predicts the outcome of an experiment; a political scientist who predicts the outcome of an election; a media pundit who predicts the winners of the Academy Awards; and a CEO who makes a prediction about the future state of technology are all interesting, notable predictions.
  4. Must not be a “push” prediction. Politicians who claim they will win an election or athletes who claim their team will win are hardly making bold predictions. They are rallying people to join them because people like to join winners.

Have you found someone making an interesting prediction? Email us at predictions@calledshots.com or tweet us at @clldshts!